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The Gleaner Staff, 1918

Our History

The Gleaner has existed as a publication for over a century, dating back to 1912. During that time, the publication has transformed from serving as Delaware Valley University’s campus newsletter into its current iteration as the institution’s undergraduate theme-based literary journal. In addition to its annual print edition, The Gleaner also operates as a website and across three social media platforms.

The staff is comprised of several DVU faculty, staff, and undergraduates. Students who participate do so by either joining the club or enrolling in the course during the academic year. In both cases, students have the opportunity to learn and practice the skills, as well as utilize the software (i.e. Adobe InDesign  and Photoshop),  needed for running The Gleaner year-round.

Those who enroll in The Gleaner course take it for variable credit, which is determined by their level of experience and expertise. Students taking the course for more credits usually hold higher ranking positions on the staff, such as Editor, Layout Editor, Website Editor, Events Chair, and Social Media Coordinator. The course can be taken more than once, allowing students the opportunity to take the course for more credit, and be promoted to higher staff positions.

The Gleaner Staff, 1976
The Gleaner Staff, 2015-2016
The Gleaner Staff, 2021-2022

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