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Remember the stories of the past. They will help propel you to your future.

Pastor Gabriel WRight

Gleaner Staff Spotlight: Claire Drolet

By: Miller Huertgen, Media and Communications ’22 The Gleaner is back for its 2022 issue at DelVal and along with it, a new blog! Our first interview for the blog is with Claire Drolet, Access Services Librarian and Assistant Professor at Delaware Valley University. Claire has been the copy…

A Tree Grows in Gleaner

Graphic design is much like other forms of art. It takes time, details, supplies, practice, and inspiration. Being a form of art, graphic design begs a spot within a literary journal along side photography, poetry, and other forms of creative writing. At the beginning of the fall semester 2021…

I will never forget

The end tastes Bittersweet on my tonguelike copper and cake all at onceI remember the sharp bite of starlighton my skin when I wrote you poetry promising a forever (I guess forever isn’t so long after all) Though the tears streaming down my face are evidence of the wounds…

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