Gleaner 2020-2021

everyone has a story…

“Longing” by Arun Kapur

I will never forget

The end tastes Bittersweet on my tonguelike copper and cake all at onceI remember the sharp bite of starlighton my skin when I wrote you poetry promising a forever (I guess forever isn’t so long after all) Though the tears streaming down my face are evidence of the wounds You bore into my flesh My hands are not cleanand your blood beneath my fingernails is still wet I can’t help but thinkThis is my fault…

“Head in the Clouds” by Arun Kapur
“Red-Tailed Hawk” by Linnea Hummel
“Day in the Life of Type I Diabetes” by Emily Kennedy
“Hero Heron” by Tim Lyons
“The Unsilent” by Blake Williamson
“Grackle” by Linnea Hummel