Gleaner Staff Spotlight: Leslee Blahut

Zaida Martin, Writing & Literary Studies ’25 Welcome to the 2023 issue of The Gleaner Blog! In continuation with our Staff Spotlight, we will get to know another vital member of the publication. Leslee Blahut, Managing Editor, has worked with the Gleaner since 2007. Along with her duties for our literary journal, she is theContinue reading “Gleaner Staff Spotlight: Leslee Blahut”

Gleaner Staff Spotlight: Claire Drolet

By: Miller Huertgen, Media and Communications ’22 The Gleaner is back for its 2022 issue at DelVal and along with it, a new blog! Our first interview for the blog is with Claire Drolet, Access Services Librarian and Assistant Professor at Delaware Valley University. Claire has been the copy editor for the Gleaner since theContinue reading “Gleaner Staff Spotlight: Claire Drolet”

A Tree Grows in Gleaner

Graphic design is much like other forms of art. It takes time, details, supplies, practice, and inspiration. Being a form of art, graphic design begs a spot within a literary journal along side photography, poetry, and other forms of creative writing. At the beginning of the fall semester 2021 “The Gleaner” staff was brainstorming aboutContinue reading “A Tree Grows in Gleaner”

One summer when I was 12

It’s not often that 12 year olds spend their summers wandering mountains with grown men, removed from any contact with their parents, family, or friends. But I was not a typical 12 year old. I attended an all-boys camp in western NC and grew to love hiking, one of the activities that we could do. That summer we decidedContinue reading “One summer when I was 12”